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Aify Innovation Labs aims to make AI technology accessible to business. Our vision is to bridge the gap between advanced academic research and Industry applications. We do help in academic research translation to industrial setup by understanding the real-world technical and business constraints and designing the system with existing business process in mind. With our unique human-centric approach, we ensure the smooth transition while managing the uncertainity of AI solutions.


Training and Workshop

We provide outcome driven training and workshop in the domain of AI. Every learner has different need and hence We have specifically designed the customizable course for different roles (CXOs, Data Analysts, Engineers, Students, Faculties)

Data Strategy

We work with your organization to understand your data needs and prepare a data strategy plan specifically designed to improve all of the ways you acquire, store, manage, share and use data.

Business Intelligence

We help your business make better and informed decisions by providing expert level Business Intelligence (BI) services. When it comes to the BI implementation, we do everything from strategy and development to integration and optimization.

AI Consultancy

We work with startups/companies to understand the AI need and potential within the organization and prepare an appropriate AI strategy. We work with your team of high level management/data science/engineers to scope the AI-projects and prepare feasible project plans.

AI software development

You have an AI project in mind, but do not wish to invest significant time and cost in setting up AI labs. We have covered you for this. We work with your engineering/product teams and provide AI features for your products and solutions within reasonable budget.

Our Portfolio

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Vehicle Number Plate Recognition


Automatic Question Generation

Question Answering

Automatic Factual Question Answering

No Helmet Detection

No helmet warning system

Object detection

Predefined object localization

Review Analysis

User generated content analysis

recommender systems

Generate accurate recommendations

Face searchs

Searching face in the wild

Facial Expression

Classifying facial expression

Human pose

Human pose estimation

Activity recognition

Activity detection and classification

Text classification

Classifying text into predefined category

Text summarization

Extractive text summarization

Speech emotion recognition

Understanding emotion in human speech

Speaker Diarization

Annotate speech with speaker

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